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 * Activate a content part of the Accordion programmatically with the position zero-based index.
 * If the index is not specified, it defaults to zero, if it is an invalid index, eg. a string,
 * nothing happens.
 * @example $('#accordion').activate(1);
 * @desc Activate the second content of the Accordion contained in <div id="accordion">.
 * @example $('#nav').activate();
 * @desc Activate the first content of the Accordion contained in <ul id="nav">.
 * @param Number index (optional) An Integer specifying the zero-based index of the content to be
 *				 activated. Default: 0
 * @type jQuery
 * @name activate
 * @cat Plugins/Accordion
 * @author Jörn Zaefferer (http://bassistance.de)